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Summer is almost gone. The sticky heat will soon cease, and in comes the Fall breeze. Now is a good time start some seasonal renovation project before the cold keeps you huddled under a blanket.

After summer holidays are over and the heat and humidity subsides, it's a good time to start home renovation and preparation projects before the cold weather sets in

Here are some important steps to prepare for those cool, fall months.

 Upgrade Doors and Windows
If you have old, single-panel windows, you will lose a significant amount of heat in the wintertime. Replacing old windows with energy-efficient, double-paned upgrades can pay for itself quickly in heat savings. Check all exterior doors to ensure that they are insulated and that there are no gaps or cracks between the doors and the frames that could let heat out. If you have weather-stripping around doors, make sure it is intact and in good shape. If it's not in good shape, replace it before the cold weather sets in. 

Interior Painting
Summer is often too humid for paint to dry properly and that can cause walls to look splotchy. But Fall is perfect weather to beautify a space. Open up windows to ensure there is a breeze that will both reduce the paint smell and dry it quickly. 

Winterize the Deck
Decks get a lot of use during long summer days. By the time fall comes around, they can look worn out and old. Once the deck is cleaned off and all summer chairs and tables are stored away, power-wash the deck with a high-velocity pressure washer. This will dislodge any dirt that is stuck in the wood grain and will take away the gray color that decks fade to over time. Fall is also a good time to reseal the deck if you use a sealant or stain. Choose a warm day that has no chance of rain and start the process in the morning so that the deck has several hours of drying time before nightfall. Check out some of our deck projects in the Greater Atlanta area.  

Insulate Exposed Plumbing

Uninsulated plumbing lines in unheated spaces are a major cause of power use, as the water heater must work extra hard to heat water. It can also cause pipes to freeze and burst if you live in an area that dips below the freezing mark in the winter. Check all of your plumbing lines to identify those that are outside or underneath the house, or are in an unheated basement or attic. Foam wrap can be purchased at any home improvement store. Wrap all exposed pipes to save on energy when the days start getting colder.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to renovate your space. Summer is not the only time for home remodeling.

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